Cinderella Pantomime

Book & Lyrics Norman Robbins
Dates April 6, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14, 2018
Location Karen Cunningham Theatre, Medicine Hat High School
Director Peter Leeming
Production Manager Kate Leeming

As a pantomime subject, Cinderella needs no introduction. Possibly the world’s most famous fictional story, there can be very few places where some adaptation of it has not been seen. The storyline remains uncluttered, the romantic interest strong, and above all, the comedy fast moving. Like all pantomimes, it should be played at a fairly rapid pace, and the faster the insults fly, the better. This helps point up the gentler scenes as they occur. Finally, I hope you’ll enjoy this version of “Cinders” as much as I did writing it. Norman Robbins

Cast of Characters

Dandini, squire to the Prince Buttons, page to Baron Hardupp Cinderella, the Baron’s daughter Baron Hardupp, of Stoneybroke Mansion Baroness Hardupp, his new wife Asphyxia, her daughter Euthanasia, her daughter Ammer, broker’s man Tongs, broker’s man Prince Charming, of Castle Glamourous Fairy Godmother Major Domo Villagers, Footmen, Huntsmen, Courtiers, Junior Misses, and Sunbeams Chorus

Production Team

Musical Director (), Director (Peter Leeming), Production Manager (Kate Leeming) Stage Manager (Brenda Garrioch), Costumes (Luanne Schneider), Props () Lighting/Set Design (Shirley Carra), Sound (), Make-Up ()


The Board of Directors of Medicine Hat Firehall Theatre Society gratefully acknowledges the support of local merchants and the many volunteers who contributed in any way to the success of this production. These efforts are most sincerely appreciated. Any omissions from the following list are genuinely regretted and the contribution no less appreciated.

Casino By Vanshaw, MY96, CHAT 1270, CJCY 102.1
Joan Kennedy for the Photographs