Happy Days - A New Musical

Book by Garry Marshall
Music and Lyrics by Paul Williams
Dates November 2,3,4,8,9,10, 2018 - 7pm
November 4 Matinee - 2pm
Location Karen Cunningham Theatre, Medicine Hat High School
Director Debbie Hoefling
Production Manager Marg McCulley

We hope you’ll enjoy this version of “Happy Days”.

Cast of Characters

Richie Cunningham (Jake Lavoie-Pierzchula), Lori Beth (Jessica Balfour), Fonzie (Quinten Getz), Pinky (Hannah Blackmer), Chachi (Hunter Franks), Joannie (Delaina Franks), Ralph (Tyson Hale), Potsie (Cerulea Hubbard), Howard (Gerry Getz), Marion (Donna Serr), Arnold (Wally Garrioch), Pinkettes (Caitlyn Cloke, Katelena Hirsch, Joy Lobert, Amber Schneider), Mini Pinkette (Juliana Hirsch), Leopards (Peter Burczyk, Ron Payne, Paul Nedervene, Gerry Getz, Wally Garrioch), Dial Tones (Hunter Franks, Cerulea Hubbard, Tyson Hale and Jake Lavoie-Pierzchula), Count Malachi (Lincoln Endersby), Jumpy Malachi (Bryce Getz)

Production Team

Director (Debbie Hoelfing), Production Manager (Marg McCulley) Assistant Stage Manager (Allie Dinsdale), Musical Director (Gerry Getz,and Danita Schick-Musfelt), Rehearsal Pianist (Heather Schlicting), Costumes (Luanne Schnieder, Sheila Braun and Allie Dinsdale), Props (Brenda Garrioch) Lighting (Shirley Carra), Sound (Stu Hickey), Make-Up (Debi Hoefling), Set Construction (Ken Appleton and Kevin VanDerKooy)


The Board of Directors of Medicine Hat Firehall Theatre Society gratefully acknowledges the support of local merchants and the many volunteers who contributed in any way to the success of this production. These efforts are most sincerely appreciated. Any omissions from the following list are genuinely regretted and the contribution no less appreciated.

Joan Kennedy for the Photographs


Happy Days