Joseph and the
Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Dates May 29, 30, 31 and June 01, 2008
Location Medicine Hat Esplanade
Director Peggy Bengert
Musical Director June Reid
Choral Director Chris White
Choreographer Gail Whitten
Production Manager Christina Glasgo

This story is a narrator's re-telling of parts of the biblical story of Jacob and his sons who lived in Canaan during the rule of a powerful Egyptian Pharaoh. Jacob gives his favourite son, Joseph, a coloured coat, thus aggravating his eleven brothers who are already Jealous of him, fearing Joseph's dreams of greatness may come true.


Joseph (Joe Sabourin) Narrator (Danita Schick-Musfelt), Jacob (Gordon Kosmick), Apache Dancer (Gail Whitten), Potiphar (Chris White), Mrs Potiphar (Christina Glasgo), Levi (Marty Schultz), Ishmaelite (Amber VanDerKooy), Issachar (Dave Townsend), Baker (Phill Bygrave), Pharaoh (Rob McManus), Butler (Stewart Kennedy), Wives (Gail Whitten, Christina Glasgo, Elaine Jeffery, Kristine Twork-Easdon, Mandy Bortolussi, Nancy Nelson, Dee Cameron, Lisa VanDerKooy) Brothers (Chris White, Rob McManus, Phill ByGrave, Dave Townsend, Stewart Kennedy, Marty Schultz, Wally Garrioch, Ray Hoger, Luke D'Ippolito, Lane O'Brien, Gene Packwood)

Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

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Sweeney Todd


The Board of Directors of Medicine Hat Firehall Theatre Society gratefully acknowledges the support of local merchants and the many individuals whom contributed in any way to the success of this production. These efforts are most sincerely appreciated. Any omissions from the following list are genuinely regretted and the contribution no less appreciated.

Casino by Vanshaw, Kevin VanDerKooy,Shawn & Sandi Strange,
Copy Works, Design and Gifts, Boylan Imaging,
Joan Kennedy - Photographer
TV 6 & 3, My96, CHAT 94.5, Medicine Hat News,
St. Michael's School, Medicine Hat School District No.76,
All the backstage moms and dads and finally all the people at home supporting
their loved ones to dedicate the many hours it took to make this show a success.