Peter Pan the Musical

Adaptation By J M Barrie
Dates January 29, 30, 32, February 3, 4, 5 and 6th, 2010
Location The Medicine Hat Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre
Co-Directors Linda Arthur and Myrna Ironside
Production Manager Deb Deans
Musical Director Linda Arthur
Choreographer Maura Bourdon
Stage Manager Derrick Ironside


Peter Pan: Abby Potter, Katie Hood, Wendy: Erica Barr, John: Stephen Myers,
Michael: Mitchell MacPhail, Mrs. Darling: Danita Schick-Musfelt
Mr. Darling / Captain Hook: Marty Schultz, Jane: Janlyn Hoffman
Nana : Julian Clement, Liza: Kirsten Spisak, Smee Peter Leeming

The Lost Boys: Sara Cruz, James Hastings, Samantha Frelick, Leanne Hoffman, Alex Watz, Jason English, Jalyce Thompson, Janlyn Hoffman, and Kyra Spisak

Tiger Lily: Nicole Shupe
The Henny Penny Tribe: Kirsten Spisak, Lisa Riddell, Nicole Fauser, Claudia Dumanowski, Keely Darley, Shelby Dattenberger, Sabrina Bourdon, Julian Clement, Stewart Kennedy, Simone McFee, Wally Garrioch, Morgan Bosch, Katie Hood, Simon Myers, Tristan Edmundson and Evan Sandham

Fairy Dancer: Sabrina Bourdon, Young Fairies: Claire Holt, Danieka Stange, Brooklyn Legge, Raeley Walburger

Mermaids: Lisa Riddell, Tristan Edmundson
The Pirates: Morgan Bosch, Dave Tongs, Wayne Barnes, Carolyn Freeman, Brad Musfelt, Evan Sandham, Julian Clement, Doug Frelick,Simon Myers and Stewart Kennedy

The Crocodile/Lion: David Draper, Ostrich and Kangaroo: Sandi Stange and Deb Deans
TinkerBell: “played” by June Reid and Shirley Carra, The Parrot: Indi


Peter Pan the Musical

Making the Magic come alive...

The Darling Family

Peter's Shadow

Peter Pan a&ol
Steven Meyers, Mitchell McPhail, Erica Barr, Julien Clement, Danita Schick-Musfelt, Marty Schultz Abby Potter, Erica Barr

Up, Up and Away

Look We are Flying!!!

Peter Pan a&ol
Abby Potter Steven Meyers, Mitchell McPhail, Erica Barr Abby Potter, Julian Clement, Steven Meyers, Mitchell McPhail, Erica Barr

Think wonderful thoughts

I can soar like an eagle

Peter Pan Peter Pan
Abby Potter, Steven Meyers Abby Potter, Steven Meyers, Mitchell McPhail, Erica Barr

The Never, Neverland Fairies

Tinkerbell's Entrance

Peter Pan a&ol
The fairies Sabrina Bourdon


Tinkerbell and friends

Peter Pan a&ol
Sabrina Bourdon fairies, Sabrina Bourdon

The Toys arrive in Neverland

The Toys in Neverland

Peter Pan a&ol
Sandy Stange -

The Motley Crew

HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

Peter Pan a&ol
Our band of Pirates Marty Schultz

The Chimney

Tick Tock

Peter Pan a&ol
Peter Leeming, Marty Schultz David Draper, Peter Leeming

The Indians

The Arrow

Peter Pan a&ol
Tiger Lily and friends Erica Barr

Tiger Lily is captured

On the way to Marooner's Rock

Peter Pan a&ol
Brad Musfelt, Nicole Schupe Lisa Ridell, Tristen Edmundson, Nicole Schupe, Brad Musfelt

Marooner's Rock, Left to drown

Peter's Rescue

Peter Pan a&ol
Lisa Ridell, Tristen Edmundson, Nicole Schupe, Abby Potter Lisa Ridell, Tristen Edmundson, Peter Leeming, Nicole Schupe, Abby Potter

Marooner's Rock

The Evil Mermaids

Peter Pan a&ol
Lisa Ridell, Tristen Edmundson, Peter Leeming Lisa Ridell, Tristen Edmundson

Who is that???

Where did that come from???

Peter Pan a&ol
Abby Potter Katie Hood

Captain Hook

The House Underground

Peter Pan a&ol
Marty Schultz Erica Barr, Lost Boys

Tiger Lily's Dance

Peter and the Lost Boys

Peter Pan a&ol
Nicole Schupe Abby Potter

Guarding the House Underground

Hook will prevail...

Peter Pan a&ol
Indians Marty Schultz, Peter Leeming

Evil Hook

Hook with his Motley Crew

Peter Pan a&ol
Marty Schultz Marty Schultz, The Motley Crew

Wendy is captive

The Duel

Peter Pan a&ol
Stewart Kennedy, Eric Barr, Dave Tongs Abby Potter, Marty Schultz

Mrs. Darling and Nana

May I come out now???

Peter Pan a&ol
Danita Schick-Musfelt, Julian Clement Marty Schultz

Smee and the Lost Boys

Pixie dust everywhere!!!

Peter Pan a&ol
Peter Leeming Alan Meier

Yes, Pixie dust everywhere...

Everyone's favourite

Peter Pan a&ol

Creating the House Under Ground

Paper Machete Madness

Peter Pan a&ol
Derrick Ironside Myrna Ironside, Rob Benn, Laurie Benn

Everything Sticky and Gooey

Creating the Mound

Peter Pan a&ol
Laurie Benn, Myrna Ironside, Rob Benn Rob Benn

This stuff sticks just about anywhere!!!

Creating the Mound

Peter Pan a&ol
The way up..... Rob Benn, Myrna Ironside, Laurie Benn

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